Some Vermont lawmakers want to tax fuel by as much as a $1 a gallon.

What the carbon tax lobby in Montpelier doesn't understand is that the fuel that keeps our homes warm and our factories running is essential to our economy. It keeps our cars and trucks on the road and allows Vermonters to get to work.

Oil and gas is a necessity, not a luxury.

We can’t maintain Vermont’s 8000 miles of dirt roads without graders and dump trucks. We need diesel fuel to get our kids to school. The tractors that cultivate Vermont’s agriculture economy don’t run on electricity.

Taxing the fuel we need to live and work is a dangerous idea that will cause significant economic damage to those of us that live in this cold and rural state.

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Update:  April 17, 2017

Last year’s failed carbon tax is back again in Montpelier. There are now four separate bills to make heating and transportation fuel unaffordable.

H.528 sponsored by Rep. Johannah Donovan of Burlington

H.531 sponsored by  Rep. Diana Gonzalez of Winooski

H.532 sponsored by Rep. Martin LaLonde of South Burlington

H.533 sponsored by Rep Sarah Copeland-Hanzas of Bradford

All four bills claim to be revenue neutral by taxing Vermont oil and gas retailers and using the money to reduce other taxes. However, the legislation is intentionally vague on how much it would cost and how it would be enforced. What we do know is that some lawmakers and special interests in Montpelier are determined to raise the cost of heating and driving. What they don’t understand is that the fuel that keeps our homes warm and gets us to work is essential to our economy.

The legislation has little traction with Governor Phil Scott who promised to veto any proposal that makes it more expensive to live and work in Vermont. Even carbon tax lobbyists recognize that these proposals aren’t going to pass this year and are simply “conversation starters.”

It is time to finish the conversation. Sign an online petition here.